Consider Applying for a Walmart Community Grant NOW

SACRAMENTO, USA - SEPTEMBER 13: Walmart shopping cart on SeptembWalmart is one of the top 20 refugee employers nationwide.  They hire our clients; sell us no slip work shoes and are a one-stop shop to stock new arrival apartments.

Their Community Grant Program is a perfect fit for refugee resettlement employment programs and the deadline for online submissions is 12/31/2014.

Here’s how they describe their Career Opportunity priority:

Living better means greater access to opportunity. We support initiatives that provide opportunities through job training and placement and greater access to resources that help people become self-sufficient.

Sounds familiar, right?

Some Insider Advice

Tanya Dumont, Higher Peer Advisor with Ascentria Care Alliance in New Hampshire, worked for Walmart for many years.  She confirms that the facility manager at a local store in your area will have influence in the decision and advises that you build on the connections you might already have through job development efforts.  You’ll read the same thing in the online application.

She also says that recognition and community visibility are at the heart of Walmart giving programs.  They appreciate certificates, plaques and awards and sometimes give priority to projects that involve more than one community stakeholder.

Good luck.  Let Higher know what happens so we can help you celebrate!





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