Communication Skills in 9 Workplace Situations

communicationMaking sure clients KEEP a job often comes down to “soft skills”.  Communication skills (not just English language fluency) are critical for workplace success.

Assertive communication is not valued in all cultures.

For example, many clients believe that asking questions signals low performance. But, saying yes, yes when they really don’t understand can create frustration over a continued learning curve.  Asking questions, especially during training, is an unspoken expectation in the U.S. workplace.

Non-refugee colleagues also struggle with communication skills.

Poor working relationships with colleagues or front-line supervisors are often caused by misunderstandings that could have been no big deal until continued mis-communication made them into job-threatening performance issues.

Click here for helpful tips for addressing nine common workplace situations you will recognize from your work with clients and employers.

Consider providing the article to clients with higher skills to help them better prepare for the U.S. workplace.  You might find helpful tips to help you navigate your own workplace, too.


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