Childcare Solution: Explain the Options

childcareWe all struggle with childcare solutions. It isn’t an easy barrier to address, understand or explain. We usually think about vouchers, in-home licensure or community referrals.

Our list of possible strategies to address childcare issues might not always include explaining the available options as a strategy to address childcare issues. It should. Understanding the options available is a first step to finding affordable – and sustainable – childcare solutions.

A recent article from The Refugee Center provides a simple but thorough explanation of the various childcare options typically available in the U.S.

Women often care for their families rather than work. Sometimes the choice makes the best financial sense. Urban Institute’s Net Income Calculator shows marginal net financial gain for a family in adding a second income from a low-wage parttime job instead of stay at home child care.

You could use the article’s talking points in your own client conversations or provide a copy of the article, written for English language learners.

The Refugee Center is a source of on-line information for,and often by, refugees and other recent immigrants. Take a look at The Refugee Center’s website for other ideas and inspiration.


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