Characteristics of “Good Employees”

Concrete star closeThis recent article outlines key soft skills that employers are looking for in today’s job market.

Here is a summary of the list, which you will recognize from your job readiness efforts with clients.

  • accept criticism
  • flexibility
  • problem solving
  • self confidence
  • working under pressure
  • teamwork
  • time management
  • positive attitude

There are so many ways to use these terms to help clients understand the importance of soft skills.  A useful way to frame them is characteristics the employers want in “good employees”.

Repetition of important information in a variety of settings and contexts is the most effective strategy for helping clients learn new concepts and skills.  You can use characteristics in job readiness class, in interview preparation and even in intake sessions.

Read a previous blog post (Practical Strategy for Working with Clients) to learn how one Employment Specialist uses a list of characteristics employers look for and download the list he uses.







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