The History of Vietnamese Refugee Resettlement

A Historical Perspective that is Relevant Today 


The author’s parents and elder sister from the article.

Most of us came to this work after refugees from the war in Vietnam began what many say is the first population to be resettled In the modern refugee resettlement system. 

Written by a US citizen and child of Vietnamese refugees, an article in offers facts, shares a very personal story and highlights similarities to current fears about Syrian refugee arrivals. 

“Today the 1.3 million immigrants from Vietnam and their 300,000 or so children, along with their culture and cuisine, are just one more inextricable strand of the American fabric.”  

The article includes convincing statistics that highlight the successes of this resettled population from the Migration Policy Institute and Pew Research. There’s so much to inspire and inform you in the story.  


Banh Mi. Yummy.

Right now, I can’t stop thinking about a bahn mi for lunch, though. 

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