Career Paths and Options for Medical Professionals

Med Pro Group iStock_000022514360XSmallMany of you likely already know about Upwardly Global, a great organization that focuses specifically on helping foreign-trained and skilled immigrants reenter the US workforce in their profession.

Developed in collaboration with the Welcome Back Initiative, their website offer three excellent on-line trainings about alternative career pathways for Physicians and Nurses; Pharmacists and Dentists.  They present specific jobs that require little or no training and outline the education and other skills require for each.

These could be great resources for clients, but you should consider watching them first so you can be prepared to talk to clients about their ideas and expectations after they watch.

The training does emphasize that every situation is different and that the examples provided will not work for everyone.  It also acknowledges the need to earn income while achieving longer term goals.  The trainings are presented in simple, clearly-articulated English that will be easy to understand for intermediate to advanced English speakers.

For clients struggling to adjust their expectations around an initial, starter or survival job, some of the ideas and options presented in the training could reignite their resistance to the requirements of the resettlement program in which they are enrolled.  More importantly, delays in starting to work could cause serious damage to their families’ economic self-sufficiency.

Upwardly Global and the Welcome Back Initiative are both excellent resources for our clients.  Higher hopes to explore ways that we can better help clients tap into their resources.  Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.


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