Canada Elects It’s First Somali-Canadian MP!

Ahmed HussenRefugee success stories are fantastic reminders of why we do the work that we do and also a great way to encourage our clients. A newsworthy example you may have missed comes from Canada, whose citizens recently elected their first Somali-Canadian MP (Member of Parliament).

Ahmed Hussen arrived in Canada as an unaccompanied refugee minor at the age of 16. Hussen, now 39, has overcome many obstacles to get to where he is today.

While I’m sure Hussen had many ups and downs, the overview of his career journey as described by a recent article in the Toronto Star is a case study in making wise decisions that lead to career success:

  • He took an entry-level low-wage job with a long-commute.
  • He found ways to save for further education.
  • He successfully obtained a college degree.
  • He volunteered as a way to expand his network and increase the chances of getting a job.
  • He advocated for his community (working for better housing conditions) and learned important business and leadership lessons in the process.
  • He also branched out of his community, engaging with broader local issues.

Hussen’s story is a great reminder of the determination and resilience of the refugees that we serve, and also a great reminder of career strategies that work. Congratulations Mr. Hussen, and congratulations Canada!

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