Another Employer Connection: Landry’s Restaurant Group

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Bonni Cutler brings experience in corporate recruiting, teaching and student counseling to her work as Employment Supervisor at Catholic Charities, Diocese of San Diego, which she began in February 2012.

Bonni Cutler, Employment Supervisor with Catholic Charities, Diocese of San Diego, has hooked us up with a great new employer, Landry’s Inc.  Here’s how you can access jobs now and contribute to development of a national employer partnership as we move forward.

1.  Send a brief email request to so you can receive relevant job openings in your service area. 

Mary Maclachlan, Bonni’s corporate HR contact is responsible for national hourly employee recruiting.  She has requested email contacts for as many refugee employment programs as we can provide.  When Landry’s has job openings to announce in your area, Mary will send you a job opening announcement.

Bonni has already been in touch with many of you via ORR’s Match Grant service provider list.  She has compiled and forwarded the contact information you provided.

If you didn’t provide information to Bonni, feel free to send your contact information and a brief introduction. Don’t forget to say thanks for this great opportunity.   Be respectful of Mary’s time.  She  is accessible, but very busy.  Bonni will continue to work with her to deepen that aspect of the partnership.

2.  Research, craft your initial pitch and make initial contacts with Landry’s stores in your area. 

Landry’s Inc. website has great information about their corporate values, approach to the hospitality industry and the brands and locations in their network.  You might not realize that a restaurant in your area is part of this large corporate group, that has owned and franchised stores.  Use their website to identify locations in your area and plan your initial pitch.

Bonni advises, “each agency should take the opportunity to create a relationship with their local venues one they receive job postings. Mary does not do any hiring at the store level.”  You can also make initial contacts even before you hear about an opening from Mary.

Need help?  Sign up for Higher’s On-line Learning Institute and take our training Communicating with Employers:  Initial Pitches.  It’s free while our limited supply of lifetime usernames and passwords lasts.

3.  Contribute your experience, strategies that work and successful placements with Landry’s Inc. stores. 

We can all develop our own relationships with restaurants in our service areas.  Over time, we can deepen that partnership by providing our corporate contacts with success stories to build their understanding and appreciation of the great staffing solutions and supportive services employers can rely on throughout our network.  Tell Higher about your experience, whether you’re already working with a Landry’s store or begin to build that relationship now.

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