A Training Tool for Stronger Job Retention

Asking Questions

Being comfortable asking questions is a critical skill for our clients to develop for lots of reasons.  Job retention is one of the most important.

Consider using this quote to frame a discussion about several US cultural assumptions and workplace values that most clients won’t understand if we don’t explain.

In the US, typical new hire training is less formal and more learner-centered than many clients expect.  In our culture, new employees are expected to ask questions that guide their own learning, especially during the first few months on the job.   Some of the related workplace concepts you could explain include SELF MOTIVATED, LEARNER-CENTERED and INITIATIVE.

Our clients are bombarded with so much information as they begin their lives in the US.  The best way to help them learn and internalize the most important concepts is by giving them the information more than once and in more than one setting.

Think about how you can build their ability to ask questions in intake, job readiness class and one-on-one coaching sessions.  Model behaviors yourself.  Help them relate new information to what they already know.  Provide opportunities to practice.  Describe in detail what clients can expect when they start a new job.


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