A Good Idea from Haj Ghassan


Job opportunity promoted on Facebook

Reach former clients via the social media networks of colleagues from a refugee background

Our network benefits from all of the former refugees, asylees and SIVs who work in refugee resettlement. Their strong networks, social media presence and leadership in their own communities is only one reason.

By the time I saw Ghassan’s post in my Facebook feed, it already had more than 20 comments from job seekers interested in the opportunity he shared. I recognized many of the names as former clients who are likely no longer in close contact with their resettlement agency.

Many of our colleagues from a refugee background have similar strong networks among their ethnic communities.  Sharing job leads – or other important information – via their social media networks – could reach clients who don’t come to your office.

How can your agency take advantage of the strong connections offered by staff from a refugee background?  Share job leads?  Reach out to highly skilled professionals?  Get back in touch with clients about new programs and resources you offer now?

Ghassan Amdeen works as an Employment Specialist in Central Texas.  He was my colleague and is still someone whose friendship and wisdom I value.  Thanks to him for allowing me to share his idea as a best practice others can replicate.


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