A Fresh Take on a Classic Job Development Resource

prezi1Whether you’re new to this work or an old hand, it’s worth reviewing Job Development Essentials: A Guide for Job Developers and a companion workbook and facilitators guide.

Think of a colleague with strong job development skills and it’s likely they have a dog-eared printout within easy reach.

No time right now?  Sound a little old school for you?

Thanks to Higher’s newest Peer Advisor, Ruslan Maksutov, MG Program Officer with USCRI, you can view the 10 Tenets of Job Development in a quick Prezi slide show.  Click here.

NOTE:  Thanks to Matt Gruel, Employment Coordinator with World Relief Tri Cities in Richland, WA for pointing out that the Prezi works differently in Firefox and Chrome.  If you’re having trouble, try different browsers as a possible fix.   


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