9 Steps to Select and Stick to an On-line Course

Elearning Collage iStock_000023272650XSmallIn a previous blog post, I shared a link to an article listing 25 sources of free, on-line courses since so many of our clients prioritize education.  E-learning could be a good resource for clients with the appropriate language skills, initiative and computer access.

I just found this advice for how to actually go about selecting and sticking to a class.

The whole article is valuable, but  here are the 9 Steps in case you don’t have time to read more right now:

  1. Test the platforms and the professor (reputation and experience count)
  2. Pick the right course
  3. Do the assignments, and take the quizzes (don’t just audit)
  4. Don’t’ push the prerequisites
  5. Set a schedule, and stick to it
  6. Give it at least a week before committing to any course
  7. Pick something you actually want to take, and have a good reason to do it
  8. Connect with the professor or staff and the community taking the course
  9. Figure out the time commitment you’re willing to make, and be honest



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