8 Steps to Get the Most from Cold Calling in a High Volume Shopping Area

Outdoor Shopping CenterThrowback Thursday: a classic Higher blog post about a fundamental of our work.

Cold call canvassing can be intimidating, but is one effective component of your job development strategy that you can’t afford to avoid.  Consider trying it in a high volume outdoor strip mall with a high volume and wide variety of retail businesses.

If you plan well, an afternoon’s work can net immediate job leads, numbers to call for future openings and even strategic employer contacts for longer term relationship development.

Sometimes getting out of the office helps you stay motivated and fueled with fresh ideas.  (And, if you happen into a DSW or Starbucks, a 10 minute break can really boost your energy level, as well.)

Here are 8 steps for making the most of this approach.  Gather your courage.  Make a plan.  Now, GO!

  1. Pick the best target.  Select a location on a bus line or accessible on-foot for a large number of clients.
  2. Come prepared.  Bring business cards, marketing materials and something to record information for your database and follow-up plans.
  3. Look the part.  Plan to dress appropriately since your first impression will be important.  Wear comfortable shoes since you’ll be walking a lot.
  4. Timing is critical.  Canvass businesses between 2:00 – 5:00 pm.  Noone wants to be bothered during the lunch rush.  Decision makers are often not on duty early in the morning or late in the work day.
  5. Jump on the openings you find.  You are very likely to identify a few immediate openings, some of which might not be advertised yet, so competition might be less.  Be prepared to respond to them within 24 hours at the latest.  Text or email them to your team immediately.  Have a couple of clients in mind so you can help them apply quickly.  You could even bring client resumes to lay the groundwork for them to respond in person.
  6. Be on the lookout for follow-up opportunities.  Note any employer that seems especially promising for longer term relationship building.  This won’t apply to every business in the shopping area, but you might find an interested manager or employee with some kind of connection you can leverage.
  7. Grab applications. They can be useful for future openings or to help clients practice completing them for general skill building.
  8. Don’t forget to capture basic information.  Include contact information, the application process, common types of jobs and any other details you can glean for your employer database.






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