8 Questions to Help You Generate New Employer Ideas

GLighbulb Stock Photoetting a new population?  Wanting to diversify the employers on your Go To List?  Trying to identify job upgrades for a skilled client?  Hoping to improve your employment outcomes for the new Fiscal Year?

Sometimes you  just run out of ideas, feel frustrated by a lack of success with current prospects and need a fresh approach.  The answers to these questions will generate new ideas targeted to your community and client populations:

  • What industries are growing or declining in your area?
  • Are there new businesses opening or new industries gaining a foothold?
  • What are unemployment and retention rates in key industries in your area?
  • What are the top 10 employers in your area?  Do you work with any of them?
  • Who are your Competitors?  What employers do they work with?
  • What industrial parks, commercial areas or major employer campuses are accessible by public transportation?
  • What might be stirring turnover in an industry right now?  A new business opening?  An upcoming event or festival?  A huge outmigration of part time labor during school breaks?
  • Are there employers in your historic reports or records that you’ve forgotten about?

For even more fresh perspective, consider asking 5 people who don’t work with refugees to tell you where they think you should look for new employers.  Even if you think you’ve done it already and thought of everything, hearing from someone who is thinking outside of your box might generate new ideas.

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