6 Ways Employer Partnerships Help Raise the Match

money-handshake_MCS-770x770Here are six ways employer partners can help raise the match for the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Voluntary Agency Matching Grant (MG) Program.  Even if you aren’t involved in the MG program, all of these employer contributions to our work help clients succeed.  Don’t forget to thank them!

1. Furnishing new arrival residences – When companies upgrade equipment and furnishings, they often offer it to their agency partners. When donated items can be used to stock apartments for new arrivals, it can count towards the match. For example, hotels replace televisions, lamps, furniture and linens that are still in good condition. All kinds of businesses upgrade office furniture and even computer equipment.

2. Work Uniforms and Equipment – Employers often provide or reimburse the cost of work shoes, uniforms, safety equipment or some types of tools.  HIAS MG Program Manager Myat Lyn confirms that these items can count toward the match. (I can’t believe I never thought of this before. So many pairs of work shoes left uncounted.)

3. Participation in training opportunities for MG clients – Mock interviews. Housekeeping training presentations.  Speaking at Cultural Orientation.  All valuable volunteer time you can count towards a match when MG clients benefit.

4. Group volunteer activities – Many employers seek out opportunities to volunteer as team building exercises or demonstrations of corporate social responsibility (CSR).  Benifitting from that generosity builds relationshps, nets you valuable free labor and can count towards your match.

5. Board or Committee service – Having the employer perspective in your agency leadership structures is good for everyone.  And the time they contribute?  Match.

6. Donation of facilities, food, drink or, of course, cash – Don’t be afraid to ask for donations for refugee day events, gift cards to support client emergency funds or donated space to hold a graduation celebration for a short term training program. Employer partners value the work we do.

Share additional ways that employer partner contributions count toward your match by commenting on this post or by email at information@higheradvantage.org.

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