5 Ideas for What to Do If You’re Working Between Christmas and New Years

Everyone else posts cat pictures. Now I have an excuse to do it, too!

Even if you’re motivated, it’s hard to be fully productive at work over the holidays. Many employer partners and colleagues are likely still on holiday. You might still be in holiday mode.

Here are 5 quick ideas from past Higher blog posts to keep you entertained and somewhat productive.

  1. Listen to some music at your desk:  City of Immigrants by Steve Earle or I Come Prepared by K’naan
  2. Attend a webinar (archive) you had to skip:  Intro to New Workforce Legislation from Higher or Alternative Medical Careers for Skilled Immigrants from Upwardly Global .
  3. Do a Little Armchair Traveling:  Uganda or Burma
  4. Catch up on some Light Reading:  Overview of Refugee Resettlement or Why Mentoring Helps Boost Employment Outcomes
  5. Play Around on the Internet:  Three Apps We Like and How Your Peers are Using LinkedIn



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