50 Niche Job Boards

Niche Job Board List via higheradvantage.orgWOW!  Part-time and telecommuting, Healthcare, Internships, Trucking, Manufacturing, Finance/Accounting….

There are tons of options on this  job board list (click here) from smartrecruiters.com and  even more sites in the comment section at the end.

How to Use Them?

1.  Identify new leads for job development and job openings to pursue right now.  Especially helpful for rare client skills that don’t match your go-to employment partner positions.

2.  Share one or two with highly-skilled clients to support their independent job search.  (Be sure they know the limitations of over-reliance on online applications.)

3.  Ask a volunteer or intern to explore the list, select the best ones and then share with the network via Higher’s blog.

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