5 Types of Jobs in Growth Industries

GrowthToo busy to think about new employers or job options?  Need more job openings to use with all the clients on your case load?

Three articles from Forbes and the Department of Labor blog highlight good jobs that don’t require a degree or the fastest growing jobs in the U.S. right now.

Here’s a synthesis of the 5 types of jobs most relevant for refugee job seekers.

1. Foreign language interpreter made two of the lists with a 29% growth rate.

2. Health care-related jobs were the majority of all three lists.  Jobs ranged from Home Health Aid to Registered Nurse.

Jobs you might not have thought of:  Audiologist, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapy Assistant and Hearing Aide Specialist.

3.  Ambulance driver (30% growth rate) requires a CDL with a passenger waiver and sometimes CPR certification.

4. Many of the non-degree jobs relate to the housing industry.  All kinds of construction skilled labor were included.

Jobs you might not have thought of:  Building Inspector, Insurance Sales, Property Management and Real Estate Agent.

5.  Just for fun, three unusual jobs made the lists: Photogrammatist/Cartographer, Genetics Counselor and Wind Turbine Service Technician.

Got  time to learn more?  Click these three links (one, two and three) to explore the source articles or read about prospecting techniques that work in a previous Higher post.


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