5 Things to Know As Walmart Raises Minimum Wage

Photo credit:  Paul Sakuma/AP

Photo credit: Paul Sakuma/AP

Walmart will up their minimum wage to $9.00/hr for full and part-time workers starting in April.  Click here to read about more intended changes to scheduling and training opportunities that could benefit our clients.

Everyone has strong opinions about Walmart.  Mine is that the volume and diversity of job openings, including entry level customer service opportunities, make it worth considering.

Here are 5 more things to keep in mind as you build or deepen a partnership with your local Walmart.

1,  It’s better to apply online (valid for any opening) than in-store (valid only at that location).

2.  Applications are only valid for 6 months. Get the most out of a lengthy application process. Monitor new openings during that 6 month period and apply to as many as possible.

3.  The application, interview and on-boarding process is standardized but hiring authorities and each store have a lot of control over decisions and details.  That makes it even more important to build a relationship with decision makers at the specific store you’re targeting.

4.  Store decision-makers also have authority over localized in-kind and small grant donations.  They value local partnerships, recognition and community involvement.

5.  Your agency can apply for a non-profit tax exempt card at the customer service window.  That savings can add up, especially if you purchase no-slip work shoes and new arrival apartment set-ups at Walmart.

If you want to share your own opinion about Walmart as an employment partner or job development target, please feel free to weigh in by commenting on this post or emailing information@higheradvantage.org.

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