5 Things a not-so-Newbie Learned


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…from Higher’s Intro to WIOA Webinar

Newbies like Sarah from yesterday’s post aren’t the only ones who can learn something new. Experienced employment professionals should, too.

Here are 5 things I learned from NAWDP Executive Director Bridget Brown about what’s important for refugees in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).  Listen to the webinar recording and see what else you’ll learn.

1.  All workforce centers will now be called American Job Centers (AJCs).  That will help refugees know where to go for assistance if the outmigrate.  Makes it easier for us, too.

2.  Local Workforce Investment Boards (WIB) are powerful.  Local WIBs control contracts for AJC services.  Many of their meetings are open to the public.  Having contacts and context for how this works in your community is really important.

3.  Interim performance measures are designed to encourage centers to serve the hardest-to-serve.  Our clients are often included in that category.  Final performance measures are still being drafted, reviewed and finalized.

4.  75% of youth funding must be dedicated to out of school youth up to 24 years old.  This likely means more resources focused on work readiness and skill training.  Great for our clients who qualify!

5.  “Sequencing of services” has been eliminated.  Clients can access the service they need without first accepting those they don’t. Here’s a true story(mine) to illustrate why this will really benefit our clients and us.

My client Adell was offered a promotion from his employer if he obtained his commercial drivers license.  He was eligible for free short term CDL training through the local AJC.  First, he had to attend orientation, put his profile into a database, attend two intake meetings with an AJC case worker and attend a workshop.  He needed my help to navigate the system, so I did all of that, too.  Four months later, his work schedule changed before he could start the training and he couldn’t attend anyway.  (Adell is now a long haul truck driver with a CDL and his own truck.  This experience was frustrating for him, me and the AJC staff.  We all really wanted it  to work.  I’m determined to help make things easier for all of us with WIOA!)

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