5 Places to Find Job Leads

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes you just run out of ideas or feel like all of your new employer prospects are dead.  Here are five accessible places to find fresh leads

1.  Mine monthly reports for employers who have already hired a refugee.  These will be soft targets likely already somewhat familiar with our client population and perhaps curious about their country of origin and journey to the US.  If the employee still works there and is doing well, it could be an even stronger lead.  You can provide more information, outline your employment services and explore ways to leverage that first success into additional opportunities.

2.  Ask existing Employers to recommend and refer. Think about similar businesses or others in their supply chain.  For example, a hotel will have contacts with other properties or with a linen service.  A construction firm might work with a single stream recycler or industrial cleaning contractor.  A grocery store might refer you to wholesalers or small local food production operations.

3.  Don’t forget about the power of your own dollars and contacts.  My friends make fun of me when I ask about jobs on my own time – even doing personal errands or on evenings out with friends.  But it works.  My dry cleaner hired a client in their processing facility and I found a great lead from the emergency repair man called when a broken water main flooded a friend’s backyard cookout.

4.  Think about Craigslist and other job boards for more than current openings.  When you see openings that might be a good fit for your clients, respond with a quick marketing pitch and attach an electronic copy of your employment services brochure.  It’s quick and easy and you never know who might respond.  If you can identify the company by name, don’t be afraid to call them up to offer a qualified, pre-screened candidate if you have one – or request a meeting to introduce yourself.  They’ll be more motivated to hear how you can help when they’re swamped with hundreds of unqualified job board applicants.

5.  Follow business news and industry publications for leads and trends.  Many cities have a Business Journal that publishes an annual Book of Lists including top employers in a number of different categories.  Your agency’s development office probably has a copy they’ll share.  News about promotions and industry leaders can give you the name of a hiring authority or let you know that someone who already knows about you has moved to a different company that should also hire your clients.  Announcements of new construction can tip you off to a major new employer in advance so you have time to develop the right connections and help them get started.


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