4 Reasons Coming to Denver Makes Sense

denver-mountainsWorried that now isn’t the right time to request time and resources to attend a training workshop?  Think again. The ongoing surge in arrivals and continued media attention to the global refugee crisis makes our work even more important – and more challenging.

Here are 4 reasons to consider when asking your boss to send you to Higher’s Third Annual National Refugee Employment Workshop in Denver.

1. There’s no risk involved and results are guaranteed.  Attendance at Higher peer workshops have been a proven strategy for new hire orientation and professional development for refugee employment professionals for almost 20 years.

2.  You’ll bring back tons of new ideas and information to benefit the entire team. Check out the agenda, just released today.

3. We’ll hear about field-tested strategies for working with Syrian and Congolese clients so you can best adjust what you already do to serve diverse client populations and increased arrivals.

4. It’s easy to learn more and register.  Click here, visit our homepage or get in touch at information@higheradvantage.org with any questions.

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