3 Monkeys You Should Meet

MonkeyTechnology can help you accomplish even more amidst client meetings, crisis response, paperwork and employer relationshp building.

Three of my favorite – and most useful – websites include monkey in their name.  (When will I ever have a better excuse to post a monkey photo?)

SurveyMonkey enables you to design, distribute, compile and analyze user surveys with a range of question formats and available metrics.  Purpose?  Conduct an employer survey as you look at fine tuning employer services.

PicMonkey generates photo collages with pictures you upload and includes formats specifically for Facebook banners.  Purpose?  Generate combinations of images for employer communications or social media.

Monk-E-Mail lets you generate and send voice messages from the monkey character and voice of your choice with a range of accessories from which to choose.  Purpose?  A little comic relief never hurts, right?



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