21 Job Interview Tips Infographic

Because there can never be enough interview preparation, right?

The basic points we all know refugee job seekers need to learn are included in this infographic from Company Folders, Inc.

The language and format is clear enough to use in job readiness class or even post in your lobby to reinforce skills you’re teaching in other activities.

It’s mobile optimized, too, so clients can study it on their cell phones!

Here’s a link to the infographic URL in an easy format for copying and sharing with clients.  (http://www.companyfolders.com/blog/media/2014/08/graphic-design-interview-tips1.jpg)

Graphic Design Interview Tips

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  1. Chris Hogg says:

    Adding to #19: While shaking the interviewer’s hand (and assuming you want the job) say “Thank you for interviewing me. I can do (or learn) this job, and I really want to work here. What do you want me to do next?” By asking this question, you are “forcing” the interviewer to respond, and at that moment a connection is made and you will be remembered. Also, you will be directly telling the interviewer two most important things: you can do the job, and you want the job. Finally, sometimes, this closing statement will result in a momentary pause on the interviewer’s part, some serious reflection, and an immediate job offer. The least that can happen is that you’ll be told what to do next – but you will be remembered.

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