17 Sources of Job Leads


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No need to explain why this list will boost your job development success.  More employer partners and client job options are worth stretching beyond your comfort zone.

Share other job lead ideas that are working for you at information@higheradvantage.org. Let’s get the list up to 25!

Thanks to the USCRI affiliate network for helping me generate this list at their annual conference last week.

  1. Career Centers – Think mainstream workforce centers, community colleges, Goodwill or trade schools.
  2. Job Fairs – Major construction projects or growth industries often collaborate when recruiting for a big job or new facility.
  3. Your affiliate network colleagues – Generate a list of the top 20 employers in our network with your Matching Grant database.
  4. Cold call geographic targetting – Target businesses along a bus line or near client housing.
  5. Google searches –Narrow the field by cross referencing a bus route map
  6. Employer partner referrals – they’re your best advertisement
  7. Your friends, family and personal connections – Don’t forget the businesses you frequent and even random party guests.
  8. Colleagues, board members and volunteers – Every lead might not work out, but you’ll get lots of options to explore.
  9. Your agency suppliers and contractors – They value your business. Let them contribute to your success.
  10. Clients – Their networks are powerful. Why not build on a successful self-placement?
  11. Social media – It works.  Learn more by searching Higher’s website for tons of practical tips.
  12. Placement Records – Spot trends or reconnect with employers with whom you lost touch.
  13. Business Journal Annual Book of Lists – Your fundraising colleagues likely receive these already. They’ll be happy to share.
  14. Want ads – Don’t forget Spanish language and other community papers.
  15. Craigslist and other job boards – Beyond current openings, look for new employer targets.
  16. Community group presentations – Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs or local HR societies can offer other good learning opportunities at the same time. Efficient!
  17. Employer websites – Major area employer job opportunities might not be advertised elsewhere.
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