15 High Quality, Free On-line Courses

elearning graphicOn-line education options are exploding now.  Everyone talks about MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) and other distance learning innovations.  Previous blog posts have outlined strategies for completing on-line courses , tips to help clients utilize 20 free on-line educational resources and a list of 15 high quality free courses offered by name brand Universities.

Now, here is a  list of 15 high quality free courses “that are actually worth your time” according to the author.  The following examples illustrate the most relevant for highly skilled clients to adjust their educations for the US job marketplace, prepare for full-time studies or deepen their understanding of how things work in the US.  (Note the impressive University names that will entice the most exacting client.)

  1. MIT:  Introduction to Microeconomics
  2. Wharton:  Intro to Marketing
  3. Udacity:  How to Build a Startup
  4. Harvard:  Intro to Computer Science
  5. Columbia:  Economics of Money and Banking

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