10 Job Possibilites for Low Skilled Clients

It’s always a struggle to help clients with little obvious marketable experience and very low English language skills find their first job.  Volunteering, training or part-time work can be helpful, but the majority of these clients also comeWant Ads from the most vulnerablefamilies, so income without delay is critical.  Here are 10 potential jobs that have worked for others in the network.  If you don’t have employer contacts in these sectors, start building relationships now.

  1. Recycling – sorting single streams, electronic component break-down or simple processing into reusable materials could be contractor or government jobs.   
  2. Road- or Curb- side Trash Pick-up – it’s hot work, but road crews often leave from central locations and can be full time seasonal work for people who don’t want to work indoors
  3. Goodwill Sheltered Employment – Opportunities could include retail stores, donation sorting and vocational training.  Lack of English is often a qualifying barrier.
  4. Food Processing – think beyond meat packing to the booming locavore, organic and artisanal sectors, as well as frozen food.  Look at grocery store suppliers, too.
  5. Farming/gardening/landscaping – look into arboretums, urban farms, corporate campuses, apartment complexes, nurseries, garden stores and lawn care services
  6. General labor with a small contractor – larger companies may have inflexible safety and security parameters, but small contractors or independent professionals may be willing to give clients a chance.
  7. Vehicle detailing – car washes, rental car agencies, other businesses with commercial fleets – like Greyhound or school districts and contract detailing services.
  8. Home Healthcare for Relatives – in some cases, SSDI benefits can include payment for in-home care provided by a family member. Find out more from resettlement colleagues or other social work professionals.
  9. Housekeeping – many clients are afraid of this type of work, but hotels are key employers in many places. Nursing homes, office cleaning contractors or anywhere with public space could also be options for this type of work.
  10. Dishwasher Hotels, convention service contractors, chain restaurants and nursing homes can all be great possibilities.  Some fast food chains have separate positions with no customer contact, which can also be good options.
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