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High-Paying Jobs Refugees can Access without a Bachelor’s Degree

A common misconception in our field is that higher paying jobs are not available without a Bachelor’s Degree (BA). According to the Good Jobs Project, however, there are 30 million “good jobs” across the United States that pay well and do not require BAs. Knowing where to find these jobs can assist employment staff and […]


Welcome to Higher’s New Website

Hello Network, We are very pleased to announce the launch of Higher’s new website. The new website quickly connects you with materials, best practices, and resources to enhance your work and save you time. The new site includes three main menus: Resources: Quickly link to tools for career counselors, job developers, job readiness trainers, and […]


Employment Brochures

No matter how your agency is structured or how you handle job development, marketing brochures can be a useful tool for promoting your employment programs to potential employers. A leave-behind, such as a brochure that summarizes refugee employment information and the services your agency provides, is helpful for those who are new to the idea of […]